Group Membership Information


  • Advertising - Listing in Referrals section of the website under the groups name.

  • Phoneline - FREE referrals and information for the group.

  • Attendance to any GBN Meetings

  • Participation in Community Events

  • Events and Classes listed on GBN Events Calendar

  • Yahoo Discussion Group - All members of your group can join the Yahoo group.

  • GBN Newsletter (4 issues/year) - This will be emailed to the main contact for the group.

  • Networking Possibilities

  • Leadership Possibilities



  • Group memberships are only allowed one vote in the yearly election.

  • Group memberships do not qualify for scholarship opportunities.

  • Only three members from a group that are not individual members can qualify for membership discounts at workshops or other events held by GBN.

  • At advertising events, each group is allowed only two representatives. If someone within your group that is an Individual member attends, they do not count as one of your two representatives.



If you are a member through a group but would like to join as an individual you do qualify for a $10 discount off the price of membership.

To become a Georgia Birth Network member, please click below to

be directed to the application.


Non-members interested in attending meetings are welcome at one meeting before joining. Please...come check us out for free!