Placenta Encapsulation in the Atlanta Area

***Doula Mentorship Director***

I am a certified birth doula with DONA International, a Lamaze certified childbirth educator, and a placenta encapsulator. I serve women in both hospital and home birth settings, and I have a good reputation and standing with all metro Atlanta hospitals.

(706) 718-2868

My primary goal is to support you in all parts of your journey into parenthood.  I draw on my knowledge and experience as a doula and mother to provide emotional support, physical comfort and communication to make sure that you have the information you need to make informed decisions. No two births are the same, but by empowering you with knowledge and support to trust in your God-given instincts, your birth plan/desires can be more realistically met. I approach each birth with hands-on, nonjudgmental support and will advocate for you each step of the way, regardless of how you choose to birth. My service area for doula services and placenta encapsulation is the North GA and metro Atlanta area.

(301) 302-1179

Baby Steps Childbirth Education

Evidence based classes with a non-judgmental approach. Baby Steps Natural Birth Classes. Intuitive Birth students decrease their risk of c-section by 68%. 5 week series, Weekend Workshops, 1 day classes. See our website for details, schedule, and to enroll.

(770) 778-4886

DawningLife Midwifery - Debbie Schneider, CPM

Our home-birth midwifery practice is firmly based on informed choice. We believe birth is meant to a be key event in a woman’s life and a joyful and celebratory family event. We believe in and practice, the Midwifery Model of Care.

(770) 241-7818

Hi! My name is Imani Byers LMSW, MPH and I am the owner and Founder of Rebyrth Wellness. I provide full spectrum doula and self-care services in and around the Atlanta and Savannah, GA areas. I am passionate about assisting birthing persons wherever they are on their journey and will offer you authentic, non-judgmental physical, mental, and educational support during your fertility, birth and/or postpartum journey. 

My goal is simple-I want you to have the best birth experience possible. I will be available to you as an extra support system; providing you with encouragement, education and empowerment every step of the way. As a certified birth professional, I have been extensively trained surrounding fertility, labor, birth, pregnancy loss, placenta encapsulation and v-steams and I use my knowledge as a mental health professional to effectively and safely hold space for unexpected moments.

I look forward to helping you celebrate your “Rebyrth”!

(912) 441-3042

Sacred Moments Birth- Katrina Goodman

Sacred Moments Birth provides a peaceful environment to educate, support and encourage women through the birth process. I am certified through Childbirth International as a Birth Doula and serve the greater Atlanta area.

(770) 595-5150

Serene Labors- Candice Stoutamire

I provide holistic fertility and birth doula services, bringing peace and pleasure back into birth. I encapsulate placentas and virtual services.  I'm also a PAIL Advocate for those who have had or may have a loss.

(404) 931-7861

Two Doulas and You- Emily Watkins and Colleen Goidel

We are DONA and CAPPA certified birth doulas, placenta encapsulators and postpartum doulas. We offer services in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. We attend home and hospital births and assist families according to their specific needs. Please reach out with any questions!

(360) 628-6860

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