Postpartum Doulas and Nannies in the Atlanta Area

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Karyn Joseph- Joy Cometh Birth and Doula Services


My name is Karyn Joseph and I am a birth and postpartum doula in the Atlanta and surrounding area. I have a background in nutrition and would love to support mothers looking for meal planning or post birth nutritional recovery. 

Give me a call, send an email and let's begin planning your birth wishes!!

(678) 203-4958

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Rachel Robbins

My name is Rachel Robbins. I am Chicago native living in the north metro Atlanta area (Forsyth County). I am in the process of becoming a DONA certified birth doula and in the future a postpartum doula. My goal is to support and encourage you during and after your pregnancy as you begin this journey. Please feel free to reach out; I would love to be your doula.

(678) 7252630

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Soul 2 Soul Doula Services

Welcome to Soul to Soul Doula services where we strive to provide Mothers and families with wonderful experience on the journey of a new baby (or two).

What does a Doula do?
A doula specializes in assisting mothers and families during their Pregnancy, Labor/Birth and early rearing stages. They provide emotional support and wellness guidance to ensure expectant mothers are well-prepared and comfortable during pregnancy and childbirth. Some doulas focus on one stage, such as assisting pre-natal women, those during their birth experience or in the post-natal bonding phase, up to the first few weeks of life. Others are full-spectrum. This means they handle, prenatal, labor, and postpartum care. Our job is to help you transition from Maiden to Mother. We aid you in Pain management, Postnatal Perinatal care, provide Lactation support and education for those who need it. Moms and Dads 

We are FULL-Spectrum Doulas with specialties in lactation, crystal and energy work, aromatherapy/essential oil work and more.  We offer classes such as sign language for parents as well as the usual new parent education, and we offer oracle card readings and cleansings via white sage smudging. We are Native American doulas so our methods are based in our culture. The closer to nature the better :). We attend home births, birth center births and limited hospital births as in our area are they restrictive. However postpartum care is available to anyone within our range.  We work with EVERYONE. Including teens, LGBT families, low income sliding scale needs, and more. 
We serve within a 15 mile radius of Cobb county Ga. So Paulding, Bartow, DeKalb, Fulton, Carroll, Cherokee and Douglas counties. Plus the cities of Canton and Rome.

(770) 756-0318


Tulivu Collective: Birth & Postpartum Doulas

Tulivu Collective provide Birth and Postpartum Doulas trained in childbirth.  We help prepare birthing people and parents for labor by working with them to develop a birthing plan,  providing them continuous support, and suppling current evidence-based information.

(404) 399-5031

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A Helping Hand Doula Services and Photography- Columbia Williams

I offer holistic, evidence-based doula services to all birthing people in all situations. The outcome could be birth, it could be abortion, it could be surrogacy, or adoption.

My goal is to offer you the support and encouragement you need as you embark on this experience.

(678) 834-3979


Kathia Laguerre

Hello. I am a Doula in training seeking to assist in prenatal/postpartum care at a reduced rate of normal doula service fees. Experiences will be documented and submitted to my instructor for the completion of my certification. You may contact me between 
12pm -6pm, Monday -Friday.

(678) 964-9616

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Doulas of ATL- Lauren Bernazza and Courtney Busha-Lopez
*Lauren serves as the GBN Marketing Director*

Doulas of ATL offers non-judgemental and inclusive in Metro Atlanta by way of Birth + Postpartum Doula Support, Lamaze Childbirth Education, Lactation Support, Twin Prep Class, Prenatal + Postpartum Yoga, and Birth Blessing Ceremony.


Pillow Talk of Birth- Desiree Butler

*GBN Vice-President*


Maternal support practitioner supporting families through the childbearing journey fertility, birth and postpartum with evidence based knowledge.

(443) 864-2802

*GBN Marketing Coordinator*

I am a Birth + Postpartum Doula based out of Roswell.  Rosemary Doula Services was born from the belief that every birthing person deserves to know their options surrounding childbirth + postpartum, and should receive unwavering support for their choices. 
I'm currently certifying as a Prenatal Yoga Instructor with Meraki Mama Collective.

Aiesha Williams

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I am currently working towards my certification as a labor and postpartum doula with Bebo Mia. As a mother of five, I know that having support during this most special time in your life will make a huge, positive, impact. I will provide personalized care and unwavering support to pregnant women and their families.

(316) 518-3590

Angela Orenczak, IBCLC- Inspired Mothers- Birth and Lactation Services

Inspired Motherhood - Birth & Lactation Services provides clinical lactation care to families, Baby Steps Childbirth Education classes, and postpartum doula services.  Angela & Heather are IBCLCs who will travel for home visits in the South and Metro Atlanta areas.

(678) 432-7917

Birth in the Tradition - Sarahn Henderson

Serving the Greater Alanta area!
Dedicated to Those Yet Born!

(770) 997-7088

Blue Lotus Doula Services - Stephanie Wagner CD(DONA), CLEC

Certified birth doula with DONA International, certified lactation educator counselor, and certified BLS instructor providing birth and postpartum services as well as breastfeeding education/support, newborn care classes, and adult/infant CPR classes in Metro Atlanta and surrounding counties. I serve women in both home and hospital birth settings. For additional information contact me or see my website.

(404) 791-5426

I am certified in childbirth, postpartum, breastfeeding and childbirth education. I am a non medical trained professional that provides women with emotional and CB physical support throughout your pregnancy and birthing.

(678) 575-3483

I am a Catholic postpartum doula, certified through the International Doula Institute. I am excited to offer support to women and families throughout the greater Atlanta area!

(470) 302-9186

Inspired Motherhood - Birth & Lactation Services - Angela Orenczak

Angela is an IBCLC and postpartum doula who serves the Henry County, GA and surrounding areas.

(678) 432-7917

Little Ones PIECMH™ Consulting specializes in perinatal emotional readiness education, parent coaching, and mentorship. Our services are designed to strengthen parent-infant relationship, promote secure attachment, and reduce the risk for Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs), developmental delays, and intergenerational transfer of trauma. Please visit our website for more information.

(470) 775-1554

Lynn Shapiro

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I am a certified postpartum doula, certified through DONA International. Through in-home visits I lighten the load--offering caring, non-judgmental assistance and evidence based information. I can help with the laundry, watch the baby while you catch a much needed nap or help with calming techniques. I am located in Smyrna and service Cobb County and the Atlanta metro area.

(760) 668-5177

A luxury company for pregnant couples. 

My all-embracing model of care grows alongside your family. Traditionally offering doula care, childbirth + parenting education, and full photography/videography services.

(678) 920-8438

North Georgia Family Doulas

North Georgia Family Doulas are your personalized birth coaches providing the physical, educational, and emotional support you want during pregnancy, labor, birth, and transitioning to life with your new baby.
Whether you are looking to have a natural birth, a planned cesarean, or anything in between, we are here for you and your family throughout the experience. We bring with us a unique expertise and unbiased support to compliment your desired birth and parenting.
Let us help you navigate your new life with a new baby on board.


Hi! My name is Imani Byers LMSW, MPH and I am the owner and Founder of Rebyrth Wellness. I provide full spectrum doula and self-care services in and around the Atlanta and Savannah, GA areas. I am passionate about assisting birthing persons wherever they are on their journey and will offer you authentic, non-judgmental physical, mental, and educational support during your fertility, birth and/or postpartum journey. 

My goal is simple-I want you to have the best birth experience possible. I will be available to you as an extra support system; providing you with encouragement, education and empowerment every step of the way. As a certified birth professional, I have been extensively trained surrounding fertility, labor, birth, pregnancy loss, placenta encapsulation and v-steams and I use my knowledge as a mental health professional to effectively and safely hold space for unexpected moments.

I look forward to helping you celebrate your “Rebyrth”!

(912) 441-3042

Serene Doulas- Candice Stoutamire

I provide holistic fertility and birth doula services, bringing peace and pleasure back into birth. I encapsulate placentas and virtual services.  I'm also a PAIL Advocate for those who have had or may have a loss.

(404) 931-7861

Two Doulas and You- Emily Watkins and Colleen Goidel

We are DONA and CAPPA certified birth doulas, placenta encapsulators and postpartum doulas. We offer services in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. We attend home and hospital births and assist families according to their specific needs. Please reach out with any questions!

(360) 628-6860

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